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  1. Alfred icon

    1. Alfred


  2. PDF Converter and Reader icon

    2. PDF Converter and Reader

    What can be better than saving your personal data in folders Well the answer is a PDF document which can not only save your files from being modified but also helps in preventing someone from...

  3. Warplanes WW2 Dogfight icon

    3. Warplanes WW2 Dogfight

    Grab the control yoke of a warplane and jump into the battlefields of World War 2 in this thrilling combat flight action game. In each of the campaigns for USA Great Britain USSR Germany and Japan...

  4. Maya icon

    4. Maya


  5. Houdini icon

    5. Houdini


  6. NameSync icon

    6. NameSync


  7. Pomy icon

    7. Pomy

    Pomy is a desktop widget-style app designed to diminish eye strain by reminding you how long to focus on-screen and when to take a break. Pomy is inspired by the 20-20-20 rule by optometrists....

  8. Ebates Rakuten Cash Back icon

    8. Ebates Rakuten Cash Back

    By clicking Get you agree to the additional Ebates Rakuten Extension Terms Conditions httpswww.ebates.comhelparticleebates-cash-back-shopping-program-terms-115013182127 The official Ebates...

  9. Adguard icon

    9. Adguard


  10. Kyocera Print Panel icon

    10. Kyocera Print Panel


  11. NTFS icon

    11. NTFS

    X-Disk help user to check the external storage in a quick way. Plugin your USB disk or mount a network folder then click the menu icon in the system status bar. - The availible size total size of...

  12. Edge icon

    12. Edge


  13. Google Sheets icon

    13. Google Sheets


  14. Google Slides icon

    14. Google Slides


  15. Google Docs icon

    15. Google Docs


  16. Speechify icon

    16. Speechify

    Speechify uses cutting edge Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning to synthesize the highest quality and most natural sounding voices in history. Designed to help people with Dyslexia ADD...

  17. Edge icon

    17. Edge


  18. MixBuilder icon

    18. MixBuilder


  19. Dynamo icon

    19. Dynamo

    Each brain processes information at a distinct pace yet every video on the internet is being streamed at default speed. So weve built Dynamo a powerful Safari Extension that lets you control video...

  20. Downlink icon

    20. Downlink

    Real-time satellite imagery on your desktop. Watch sunlight and weather patterns move across Earth throughout the day and bask in the glory of our blue marble in real time. Every 20 minutes or...

  21. Video Editor Plus Movavi icon

    21. Video Editor Plus Movavi

    Movavi Video Editor Plus is a handy way to share your memories and feelings with your loved ones. Make memorable movies about birthdays weddings holidays and other life-enhancing events even if...

  22. WindowArea icon

    22. WindowArea


  23. MacRapidizer icon

    23. MacRapidizer

    MacRapidizer is an all in one optimization app for your MAC. Compatible with Mac 10.10 Mac OS X above MacRapidizer can complete cumbersome tasks at the blink of an eye. MacRapidizer provides the...

  24. NTApp icon

    24. NTApp


  25. DriveThruRPG icon

    25. DriveThruRPG


Total applications: 61,121
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Please note this list does not include pre-installed Mac OS X applications such as iTunes, Safari, QuickTime Player, iChat, iDVD and Mail, or application accessories.

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