Frequently Asked Questions

Updated 08 November 2022

Below is a list of questions frequently asked by users of iBoostUp.
Please browse this list before contacting customer support.


Latest iboostup.com v10.6 | App Store: v10.6

Are you running the latest version of iBoostUp?

Please update to the latest version before contacting us as your issue may already be resolved.


The App Store

An issue affecting the App Store version of iBoostUp for users running older (released 5+ years ago) versions of macOS has been fixed and approved by Apple. Please update to the latest version. We support these old systems mainly as a courtesy and don't have all that many old test machines around, so please get in touch directly if you encounter any issues on OS 10.10 etc.

iBoostUp version 8.4.4 from this website was inadvertently sandboxed.

If you are running this version, Quick Clean will not work effectively and you will not be able to update from within the app.
Please download the latest version with fixes included directly from here.

This issue does not affect the App Store version. Apologies for any inconvenience.

At Apple's request, Memory Booster and Shredder are no longer included in our App Store version.
They remain available from www.iboostup.com

What's the difference between the App Store version and the one on www.iboostup.com?

Licensing and Activation (paid users only)
For technical reasons the licensing schemes are different so if you install from the App Store it won't recognize your previous purchase from www.iboostup.com and vice versa so please make sure you install from the same location you purchased from.

Features and Sandboxing
All apps on the App Store need to be sandboxed, so the App Store version of iBoostUp is sandboxed and prompts you for access before running a scan. Certain functionality of iBoostUp is either not compatible with the sandbox or not allowed in the App Store, these features are not included in the App Store version but are included if you download and install iBoostUp directly from www.iboostup.com - examples of these features are: Disk Health, Memory Booster, File Shredder, the self update function and a few others.

Cancellation Policy
App Store: 24 hours before renewal. iBoostUp.com: 48 hours before renewal.

Spyware Doctor has incorrectly detected Malware

iBoostUp with Spyware Doctor is able to determine whether even previously unseen apps might exhibit malicious behaviour or be a risk to your privacy. We do this by a combination of heuristics, traditional signature scanning and logic deployed to the cloud.

Please take the time to understand the differences between detections and warnings as described here.

If you prefer not to see a particular heuristic warning, you're able to turn it off in the 'Scan Engine Preferences' section of Spyware Doctor.

In cases where you've read the advice regarding detections and warnings, adjusted engine preferences and still believe the result to be incorrect please contact us by clicking 'Report Incorrect Detection' from the results screen.

Note In the interests of privacy, we only ever send app file metadata to the Spyware Doctor cloud.

iBoostUp fails to launch after an update with error "iBoostUp is damaged and can't be opened"

We've had intermittent reports of this occurring with our 3.1 and 3.2 updates.
This issue is not specific to iBoostUp and related to a problem with the App Store itself.
To resolve, please:
  • Remove iBoostUp from your Applications
  • Remove com.ituneup.ituneup.plist and com.ituneup.ituneup.plist.lockfile from ~/Library/Preferences
  • Download iBoostUp from the Mac App Store

  • In case you are unable to locate the above-mentioned files please try the following:
  • Open Terminal.app from Applications -> Utilities
  • Type "rm ~/Library/Preferences/com.ituneup.*" without quotes and then hit [enter]
  • Re-download iBoostUp again from the app store.

  • To re-enable any of your previous purchases please follow the steps in FAQ entry #12

    If the problem persists then please contact iTunes Store Customer Support for assistance:

    For more information on this issue and how to solve it for any application (not just iBoostUp) please see the helpful article at Macworld Fixing Mac App Store download errors

    Disk sizes and free space

    Question: iBoostUp is showing my hard disk to be a smaller capacity than expected.
    Answer: The discrepancy you see is because iBoostUp currently considers 1GB to be 1024MB (this is the same way we measure the amount of RAM in your system, i.e 4096MB means you have 4GB of memory) whilst disk manufacturers mark storage capacity differently. Here's a link to a wikipedia article that discusses this http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/False_adve ... _standards

    Firefox, Safari, Opera browser related questions

    Question: After I tested iBoostUp on my iMac my Firefox isn´t working. Some pages aren´t shown correctly for example Youtube.com
    Answer: When performing an iBoostUp quick clean we check for running browsers and recommend that you close them before continuing. We like to give power users the option of ignoring this message and cleaning anyway by clicking on the red "ignore" warning button. The instability you see is because you had Firefox running while iBoostUp was cleaning some cache files - this is why we suggest that you press the green "close" button when the cache cleaner's recommendation comes up. Browsing will be back to normal (and possibly faster) after you close (i.e [cmd] + q or menubar Firefox -> Quit) and re-open Firefox.

    What is a crash report and how do I find one?

    Crash reports are generated by OS X whenever an application encounters an error that causes it to terminate ungracefully.

    They are generally stored in:


    The easiest way to find the crash reports on your system is to:
    1. Open Console.app (in Applications > Utilities)
    2. Click "Show Log List" if it's on the top left of the toolbar (if it isn't then the log list is already showing)
    3. Look in FILES > ~/Library/Logs > CrashReporter
    4. Look in FILES > /Library/Logs > CrashReporter

    You can select then copy and paste them into an existing email or new text file using TextEdit.app or alternatively you can right-click and select email.

    Memory Booster is disabled

    The Boost Now button is disabled when a Memory Boost is not currently required (i.e there is plenty of free RAM available) - it will automatically be enabled once you're running low on memory. In these instances the "Purchase Now" button is also disabled as we wouldn't want you to purchase the Booster and then find that a boost is not currently necessary.


    The Mac App Store's in-app purchasing servers occasionally go down for maintenance or other reasons, in case of an error with your purchase please wait a few minutes then try again.
    In cases where iTunes shows your purchase has been completed but the item isn't enabled you can simply purchase again - you will not be charged if you've already paid for a particular feature.

    If repeated purchase attempts are failing, please ensure you have the latest version of iBoostUp installed by checking the "Updates" tab in your Mac App Store window.
    If there is a newer version please update and try again, otherwise:
  • Make sure any of your installed security applications (i.e application firewalls) aren't blocking the transaction
  • Sign out of the Mac App Store
  • Remove iBoostUp from your Applications
  • Restart your Mac
  • Download iBoostUp from the Mac App Store
  • Attempt your purchase(s) again - if you've paid already then you will not be charged again.

  • For ongoing issues with purchasing please contact us via the support address at the end of this FAQ.

    Recovering Deleted Files

    If you've inadvertently removed a file using Duplicate File Finder you can simply recover it from the Trash.
    iBoostUp's Quick Cleaner only detects and removes log and other temporary files from folders which are used for temporary files by the System, as such it is simply not possible to have lost any iTunes media or mailboxes as a result of a quick clean. In addition to this you are given the opportunity to review files detected for removal by clicking "More Information" on the results screen.
    While the application will attempt to detect files that you want to keep, if you store files in non-standard system folders which are typically used for temporary files (especially system cache) then there is a chance those files will be removed. This is not specific to iBoostUp but also to other applications that attempt to restore space used by temporary files. The obvious solution is to only store files in standard user directories, not system directories, especially folders used by the system for temporary storage.
    In case you have cleaned files you'd like to recover then the best option would be to use an unerase product as quickly as possible after removing the files.

    Unable to scan with Duplicate File Finder

    Question: I've purchased Duplicate File Finder but the "Begin Scan" button is disabled. What should I do?
    Answer: Please make sure you've selected folder(s) to scan by using the [+] button.

    Disk Health is missing

    Disk Health is only available if you are logged in using an admin account.
    Please check your account type under Users & Groups in Applications -> System Preferences.
    Some users have reported an issue after a recently applied Apple update which is resolved after rebooting their Mac.

    Unable to locate App Shrinker's icon

    Due to security changes in macOS since iBoostUp was first released, Application Shrinker is no longer included or supported.

    I've re-installed Mac OS, do I need to purchase Memory Booster, App Shrinker, etc again?

    For technical and other reasons the licensing between the App Store and the web version do not interoperate.
    Please make sure you install iBoostUp from the same place you purchased it from.

    If you downloded and purchased from the App Store
    To restore a previous purchase, simply click "Purchase Now" and select "restore" once the iBoostUp shop window has loaded. You will not be charged again. Please make sure you are signed in using the same Apple ID you originally purchased with.

    If you downloded and purchased from iboostup.com
    iBoostUp will automatically re-activate itself unless you've gotten a new Mac. In that case, click any of the in-app purchase buttons and then "Existing Users" at the top right of the purchase page. Any requested information can be found in the receipt email we originally sent you.

    I think I've found a bug, what information should I send to help fix it?

    To help us troubleshoot as rapidly as possible, please send us your:
  • Mac OS version
  • What you were doing when the error occurred
  • Any relevant crash reports, console.log entries or screenshots
  • Any other applications you installed around the time the problem started
  • iBoostUp version
    (if your version is out-of-date please update using the Mac App Store and confirm the issue still occurs)

  • Disk Health is taking a long time or appears stuck

    Disk Health may take several minutes to complete, depending on the size, type and current health of your disk.
    Additionally the progress bar might not always be accurate on Macs equipped with SSD drives.
    Please be patient while the repair completes and note that subsequent repairs will be faster than the first time.
    Also note that you are able to use other parts of iBoostUp while the disk is being repaired.

    Mac App Store prompts for payment details

    This can happen for a number of reasons:
  • You have no payment details linked to your Apple account
  • Your gift card(s) have run out of money
  • Your credit card is no longer valid or was declined
  • Please correct the issue, and if the problem persists contact Apple or your banking institution.

    Downloads Folder

    To prevent accidental deletion, iBoostUp prompts you with a forced delay of 10 seconds before allowing you to confirm emptying of your downloads folder.
    If you've emptied your downloads folder and would like to recover the files then simply download them again or see our advice regarding recovering deleted files .

    Prices and discounts

    The price of each optional iBoostUp feature is shown in the Mac App store under the "available in-app purchases" heading, you are also prompted in iBoostUp itself before any charges are incurred. iBoostUp provides a large number of features at no cost and others at incredible value so we are unable to offer you any further discounts.

    Check My Apps - Last Checked: Never

    If you click "Check My Apps" and after processing the screen displays "Last Checked: Never", please:
  • Make sure your internet connection is functioning
  • Try again a few hours later
  • If the problem persists, please help us troubleshoot by sending support your iBoostUp and Mac OS X versions plus a list of your installed applications.

  • General Feedback

    We welcome general feedback and appreciate reviews from our satisfied users, when sending feedback to our support address (listed below) please include "feedback" in the subject line. Looking forward to hearing from you!

    No updates available for my install

    Due to technical and compatibility reasons, we have 3 editions of iBoostUp available.
    As we work on updating the different versions, there are times when they are not all in sync but they eventually all sync up version wise so please bear with us.
    Any available updates to your edition of iBoostUp will automatically be shown in-app (if you downloaded and installed from www.iboostup.com) or via the Mac App Store if you installed from there.

    Unable to locate Battery Health

    Battery Health is only displayed if your Mac has a built in battery or UPS connected.


    Uninstalling is the same as for any other self-contained Mac application: simply make sure iBoostUp is not currently open and drag the icon from your Applications folder to the trash.

    Not detecting items to remove

    If you try to perform a quick clean and the “Remove All” button is always greyed out then please click the iBoostUp menubar and then Reset all of my Preferences.
    This may occur after you upgrade your operating system.

    Running iBoostUp on legacy systems

    OS X Yosemite (10.10) was released in 2014 and OS X El Capitan (10.11) in 2015, these systems are no longer supported or updated by Apple.
    If your Mac is unable to upgrade to newer versions of macOS and you're still running these systems please use our legacy build of iBoostUp which is available from here. If you purchased iBoostUp many years ago via Paypal, this is the last version that can be activated with your existing license key. This is because newer versions contain many more features and also make extensive use of cloud connectivity which causes us ongoing and increased overheads. If you'd like to use the latest version please install it and purchase an appropriate license. We thank you for your early support and understanding.

    My question is not listed here

    If your question is not answered by this FAQ then you can contact iBoostUp support via email.
    We aim to satisfy all iBoostUp related support requests, but unless you've purchased a license we may be unable to reply to each message individually. Please contact iBoostUp support and occasionally check back at this FAQ page.

    Note: we do not typically offer customer support via Twitter or any other social network, please email your support requests to the above address.