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Glasp - Social Web Highlighter (co.glasp.webhighlighter) is a Mac OS X software application that has been discovered and submitted by users of iBoostUp.

The latest version that our iBoostUp users have reported seeing on their systems is Glasp - Social Web Highlighter 6. Glasp - Social Web Highlighter requires macOS 10.14 or later.

Publisher Description:
Glasp beautifully organizes your collection of highlights, so that you can easily come back to what truly matters to you anytime. By following like-minded people, you will discover useful content that expands your knowledge and thoughts. Collective learning is how humans got smarter across generations.

Glasp allows you to:
- Collect The Web
- Organize Your Learning
- Learn from Like-minded People
- Leave Your Digital Legacy

Key Features:
+ Highlight text, videos, audios, and more
+ Take notes on saved content and highlights
+ Add tags to your highlights
+ Discover useful content from like-minded people

How to Use Glasp:
1. Click "Add to Safari".
2. Log in to Glasp from the extension menu.
3. Select text and click your favorite color from a pop-up color tip.
4. You can see your highlights and notes on your profile page and/or Glasp home feed.
5. Add tags or leave comments on your saved content
6. Developing your collection of ideas and thoughts will help you connect the dots ;)

For more information on how to use Glasp Safari Extension, please take a look at this Demo video:

Benefits of Using Glasp:
+ Retain more information and easy to look back
+ Extract only important parts and use it for the future citation
+ Discover useful information from like-minded people
+ Share your highlights & notes with friends and peers with one click
+ Leave your digital legacy for future generations (contribute to human history)

Pro Tips:
+ Adding tags to saved content will help you figure out what your interests and domain expertise are.
+ If you cant highlight on a web page, switching tabs or refreshing the page might help!
+ For more details, please check our our FAQs page ;)

Loved by Users Around The World

"I love Glasp! I use it every time I read online articles. Highlighting with Glasp enforces me to actually read rather than scan through an article. I retain so much more info and can easily revisit my previously read articles to recall details and notes I've made."
Angela, Product Designer

"Glasp has somewhat become a staple tool (mainly for highlighting and note-taking) for me already. I'm hopeful that I'll be able to continue using it for many years to come :)"
Kent, Content Writer

Glasps Founding Story:
Our mission is to democratize access to other peoples learning and experiences that they have collected throughout their lives as a utilitarian legacy!

As Glasp stands for "Greatest Legacy Accumulated as Share Proof", we want to visualize your contribution to human (knowledge) history.

Our vision is to become a next generation of search engine that you can search something via trusted people or following people as the index.

If youre interested in why we are building Glasp, please read the full story on

>>> Glasp Overview

Glasp is a social web highlighter & annotation tool that lets you collect what truly matters to you from the web, express yourself through the collection, and leave a utilitarian legacy for like-minded people.

- Collect The Web
- Organize Your Learning
- Learn from Like-minded People
- Leave Your Digital Legacy

What you resonate with is who you are. Glasp lets you grasp it!
Join over 1,000+ like-minded people!

>>> Glasp Resources & Reading List

As both product managers and start founders, we are curating and writing content on Product Management, UI/UX, Growth, etc. You can read our curated reading list from here:

Please let us know if you have any questions or suggestions!

Write your feedback to hi@glasp.co
If you find bugs, please let us know from here: https://form.typeform.com/to/QFHPTG60

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Glasp - Social Web Highlighter Screenshot Glasp - Social Web Highlighter Screenshot Glasp - Social Web Highlighter Screenshot Glasp - Social Web Highlighter Screenshot Glasp - Social Web Highlighter Screenshot

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